Association Takh's Director and Co-founder Claudia Feh recently co-authored an article in Current Biology which further unravels the genetic history of the Przewalski's horse. The researchers sequenced the complete genomes of 21 domestic horses and 17 Przewalski's horses, including historical specimens from 1878–1929. The results confirm that domestic horses and Przewalski's horses split approximately 45,000 years ago and, while there was a certain amount of gene flow between the two species since their split, the exchange was less than previously thought. This research also identified genes unique to Przewalski's horses and unraveled the genetic implications of over a 100 years of captivity. One of the lead scientists of this research, Dr Ludovic Orlando, concluded that “Eventhough Przewalski’s horses went through an extreme demographic collapse, the population seems to recover, and is still genetically diverse.” (