Historically, Bactrian camel herding dominated the region where we reintroduced Przewalski's horses. Camels are very well suited to this semi-desert steppe habitat. They can sustain harsh winters and droughts, and they travel long distances while grazing which minimizes their impact on rangelands. Furthermore, they produce highly nutritious milk, several hundred kilograms of meat and luxurious wool.

Baby camel wool, which comes from 1 and 2 year old calves is known for it's warmth and softness, and is a luxury item that can be sold for high prices outside of Mongolia. This product is therefore very promising for Khomyn Tal, if we can expand the market. Thanks to a grant from the European Union, we were able to significantly augment the camel herd in Khomyn Tal, buy supplying members of the Women's Community Council a female camel. Currently we are developing a small export business for baby camel wool, while also brainstorming other camel-based economic activities.

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