At Le Villaret you have the unique opportunity to participate in a 3 day or 5 day study of wild Przewalski horse behavior as displayed in their native Mongolia. In these conditions they are left free to develop their own social structure and express natural behaviors. An experienced equine ethologist will guide you on becoming familiar with equine social organisation, the different activities of each family member and their methods of communication.

adonis et stagiaires

The training is made up of both field observations and short lectures which provide a theoritical interpretation of the observations. Beyond the Villaret horse herd, you will also have the opportunity to explore one of Western Europe's most wild landscapes. A typical 'bed & breakfast' close to the breeding centre will welcome you for meals and lodging.

Currently, the trainings are held in French. However, we can arrange for English or bilingual trainings if such a demand exists. Please contact the Instructor, below.

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