Visit Le Villaret

Because the Przewalski's horse is a wild animal, visitors may not enter their large enclosure unaccompanied. However, the horses are often spotted from the visitor center, the road or a trail. Such sightings are much more exciting and interesting as they allow you to observe the horses in their natural state. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that they are wild animals who move as they want, so we can not guarantee a sighting when you visit Le Villaret on your own. Thanks to guided and commented visits you can now meet the herd of Przewalski's horses of Le Villaret. You will discover the incredible adventure of their return to Mongolia and the patient commitment of the Takh team to the preservation of this great mammal in danger of extinction !

The Summer Welcome Center

Each summer our volunteers welcome visitors in a renovated stone barn containing an exposition about our organization, the horses and Mongolia.

As a result of our community development work, we sell felt products made by women of Khomyn Tal. All profits of these sells are returned to the women, which allow them to diversify their income and ultimately become less dependent on large herds of livestock.

Just outside of the Welcome Center viewing scopes are available to observe the horses, when they are near the Center.

In 2020, our Center is open for summer time : 

- Free access from 9 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
- Reception and information from 2 pm to 7 pm from Tuesday to Sunday
- Immersive visits by reservation on Tuesdays and Fridays.
- The Przewalski horse centre in Le Villaret is closed on Mondays.

felt products welcome center

How to get to Le Villaret

Please be aware that there are two hamlets called "Villaret" in Lozère. To visit the horses, you must first find the Hures hamlet, or just follow the link.

Coordinates : long (x) 3.4412 ; lat (y) 44.2524

map villaret

Coming from Florac:
Take the direction "Les Vignes" or "le Causse Mejean" or "aerodrome de Florac-Chanet" by taking the small winding road, D16, that rises to the Causse. After approximately 30 minutes, you will arrive to the high plain. Near the Aerodrome, turn left at the intersection and take the direction "Nivoliers, Hures, Aven Armand, Meyrueis". Continue straight, passing through Nivoliers, until you reach Le Villaret.

Coming from Meyrius or St Enimie (D986)
At the intersection of Aven Armand, take the D63 in the direction of Florac. Continue straight through Drigas and Hures before arriving at Le Villaret.