Reintroduction in Mongolia Rangeland & Ungulates Community Development Le Villaret Reserve

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Association pour le Cheval de Przewalski: TAKH
Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat
Le Sambuc
13200 ARLES

Phone: + 33 490 97 23 13
Fax: + 33 490 97 20 19
languages spoken: English and French

Le Villaret Visitor Center*, Cevennes National Park

Association pour le Cheval de Przewalski: TAKH
Le Villaret
48150 Hures la Parade

Phone : 04 66 45 64 43
Email :
languages spoken: French

* Please note that the visitor center is only open in July and August, however you can try to see the horses at any time of the year.


Takhi Association
Ecology Education Centre
PO Box - 379
14192 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Phone: +976-7004480
languages spoken: Mongolian and English